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Young Glory November Brief

Fruit of the Loom: Fresh Fruit from Insight & Execute on Vimeo.

Fruit of the Loom ‘Fresh Fruit’

Fruit of the Loom addresses the unexpected basics; the needs that are barely talked about in the wake of natural disasters. People need more than just food and a blanket. They need to feel human by the little things that we take for granted.


Client: Fruit of the Loom
Concept by: Dudley Duberry, Rahul Sawant, Tim Murakami, Tim O’Connell
Art Direction: Tim O’Connell & Rahul Sawant
Copywriting: Tim Murakami
Creative Strategy: Dudley Duberry
School: Academy of Art University, San Francisco



Following in the wake of catastrophic disasters, simple things in life
can make a big difference. The basics we once took for granted,
suddenly become essential. While donations help those in desperate
need of assistance, items like underwear and socks often get
overlooked. This is why Fruit of the Loom started: ‘Fresh Fruit.’

While jeans and t-shirts get worn for days at a time, a pair of clean
socks and underwear allow those affected to feel fresh again. ‘Fresh
Fruit’ provides these essentials and connects donors directly to those
in need. provides a portal to connect those looking to help with
those in need. Priced at wholesale rates, people can quickly see how
much ‘Fresh Fruit’ they will be providing, and write words of
encouragement to the families in need.

Working in hand with existing relief efforts, we set up “pop-up shops”
in affected regions, allowing volunteers and victims to pick up ‘Fresh
Fruit’ along with their water, food, and other supplies. By joining
these efforts, people know that their basic needs can be met in one
Every package of ‘Fresh Fruit’ provides a weeks worth of fresh
undergarments, messages of encouragement and reminders that we all

Using social media tools, donations spread virally and allow
recipients a chance to say, post, and tweet, “Thank you.”

Through our unified efforts, donors know they can help more through
‘Fresh Fruit’ than they could alone. Uniting donors and recipients to
show the real impact that even small donations can bring. Fresh Fruit.
Supporting communities in wake of the unexpected.

You can’t win them all

So Round 1 of Young Glory results left us off the list (IE – we didn’t win anything) but we did see a group of classmates take the gold. Academy of Art University students Jesper & Daniel took gold for their “Use my Spot” campaign, think AirBnB for parking spots.

Our next submission is titled, “Fresh Fruit” and will be posted later today. I know you’re going to be excited about it. I am.

Crowd Sourcing

As Roger Muller at the Academy of Art says, “Friends, Family, and Fools” are the best source for a student to get help with their projects.

I’m going to add Potential Friends/Classmates/Future Fools to that list.

For November’s Young Glory Brief, Insight and Execute  is seeking your help.

Our request is simple:

-Shoot video or snap a shot of you or your friends or your family or your fools saying “Thank You”. And send it to us.

No need to look pretty. Shoot it from your phone. 5 seconds. Or 10 minutes. Depending on your level of tech savvy.


So easy I did it.

“Why?” you may ask. We are putting together a video for a proposed project that (in part) connects recipients and donors for disasters like Sandy and we want diverse images of people showing their appreciation for donations.

Deadline: November 25th

So I’m going to ask you, “Will you be my friend, family, or fool?”

Pretty please?

Email to: tim.murakami[AT]

Natural Disasters Suck

To be honest, all disasters suck. It’s kind of in the nature of disasters to do this.

While Insight and Execute is busy plugging away at our next project, we felt it important to let everyone affected by the disaster know, “Fuck dude. That sucks.”

But for real, we really do hope that everyone is alright (considering) and that life can slowly return to normal.

On a very small plus side, I hear that basement apartments in Manhattan are finally at almost affordable prices…


Insight and Execute. While our initials maybe confused with Internet Explorer, we are NOT your grandma’s clunky browser (Okay, IE9 is pretty good).

We’re an ad team.

But first and foremost, we’re smart asses.

Dudley Duberry(aka Double D) – Account Planner. Creative Strategist. Lover of sweets. Dudley provides the backbone, the foundation, the insight into our creative work. He’s like a Ted Talk. Only smarter.

Tim Murakami (aka Sensual Tim/Asian Tim) – Copywriter. Blogger. All around good guy. Asian Tim translates the ideas into words that build the framework for projects.

Rahul Sawant (aka The Stache) – Art Director. Visual Artist. Master of games. Rahul is as adept at Creative Suite as he is at first-person shooters. IE – He kills it.

Tim O’Connell (aka Irish/Mexican Tim) – Art Director. After Effects ninja. Boyfriend. Irish Tim throws down art like shots of whiskey. That is, of course, when he isn’t putting in “girlfriend time.”

The Whole Glory (goes to the young)

Insight without execution is just dreaming.

Who cares if you thought of Instagram back in the late ’90’s? Did you do it? Nope. And if you did, chances are that you are now far too rich to be reading this blog.

We at IE are into dreaming (mostly because we love sleeping). But it’s important to turn  those dreams  into  reality. Meaning, get the fuck outta bed and do something.

And for Young Glory‘s first round, we did just that.


ExxonMobil Clear from Rahul Sawant on Vimeo.

To address our growing world’s traffic problems, we presented a simple solution: stop the 9-5 mentality. We’re not in our grandparents world anymore, so why should we still have to “walk uphill – both ways?”