Insight and Execute. While our initials maybe confused with Internet Explorer, we are NOT your grandma’s clunky browser (Okay, IE9 is pretty good).

We’re an ad team.

But first and foremost, we’re smart asses.

Dudley Duberry(aka Double D) – Account Planner. Creative Strategist. Lover of sweets. Dudley provides the backbone, the foundation, the insight into our creative work. He’s like a Ted Talk. Only smarter.

Tim Murakami (aka Sensual Tim/Asian Tim) – Copywriter. Blogger. All around good guy. Asian Tim translates the ideas into words that build the framework for projects.

Rahul Sawant (aka The Stache) – Art Director. Visual Artist. Master of games. Rahul is as adept at Creative Suite as he is at first-person shooters. IE – He kills it.

Tim O’Connell (aka Irish/Mexican Tim) – Art Director. After Effects ninja. Boyfriend. Irish Tim throws down art like shots of whiskey. That is, of course, when he isn’t putting in “girlfriend time.”

About Tim O'Connell

I am a bro who designs things... whilst bro'ing out.

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