Young Glory December Submission – “The Eyes of Islam”

The Problem:

Islam has a serious image problem in this country. Fix it.



Those who practice the teachings Islam in America are just like other American’s. There is a distinct difference between the people who attacked America on September 11th, and those who are peacefully practicing Islam.



A poster campaign to show life through the eyes of those who are Islamic. The posters are cut out where the eyes are on the other side, inviting those who look through to see that those who practice Islam see the same world.

For those viewing the face on the other side, they can see a familiar set of eyes looking back at them. These are the eyes of people that they know, or live in the same city with. Not the eyes of terrorists, and not the eyes of people who should be hated.



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Ambient Examples:

ambient1 ….ambient2


ambient1b ….ambient2b



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