War on Drugs?

The wonderful Eva Van Den  Bulcke over at Sid Lee threw down the gauntlet last month with a challenge to bring the War on Drugs to the discussion table.

As haters of war and lovers of drugs – yes, caffeine is a drug, we provide two executions to help start the discussion.

Our goal is not to end the War on Drugs. It’s to talk about it. Without all the rhetoric and hype.

Real people. Saying real things. Because insanity is doing the same thing, thinking it will bring different results.

Push for Change – one small change, repeated by many can make a big difference. Don’t “like” this. Push this. Then “like” it.

Taboo on Change – Walls often stop dialog. They divide. They get broken down. But we built a wall that starts and encourages dialog – to unite people. In real life and online.

If you are the Castro neighborhood in San Francisco, you can check it out on 18th Street Between Castro & Collingwood, across from the LGBT Museum.



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