Young Glory April Submission – Won’t Love You Back

Won’t Love You Back


Singapore’s birthrate is the second lowest in the world. Yet its elderly population grows larger and larger, as medicine increases their lifespan. Great news personally. Bad news economically.



Highly educated, dedicated, and loyal, Singaporeans have built Singapore’s success their strong work ethic. Singaporeans have developed a new idea of family to include their friends and company. Many cite a preference for hanging out, working too much, and worries about reaching their professional potential as reasons why they put off starting a family.



Your Stuff Doesn’t Love You turns consumerism on its head by attacking advertising. Using commonly held beliefs about intrusive or transparent marketing messaging, the campaign pokes fun at our NEED to buy the newest and best constantly.





The posters beg the viewer to question their needs versus wants. To consider the actual needs of their family and their legacy.

“Will my new mobile phone be around when I retire? Will it carry on my family’s legacy after I pass? Will it bring a twinkle to my parent’s face when they see it?”



As Singapore’s consumer spending downtrends, Singaporeans have cited a lack of confidence in their financial future as reasons to hold back on purchases. The campaign drove home this idea as Singaporeans began to consider the future of their lives and the legacies they would leave behind. Because ultimately they knew that their stuff wouldn’t love them. No matter how much stuff they bought.

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