Nothing left to do now but wait

We have done our part for Young Glory. At the beginning of this month, we as a team found that we had a “Helluvalot” more free time than we were used to. With School ending for three out of the four of us, and our final submission for Young Glory left the fate of SOAP, we have the carte blanche to do whatever. That being said, this page has (heh, once again) been a little neglected.

I am going to be making it a priority to tackle the issues with our page, namely listing out all of our submissions for this year’s competition season, so look for an update about all of that soon (there is quite a bit). Hope everyone is enjoying the sun. This is the first time we have seen it, in literally, eight months.

Mild shout out(s)– Nice job to the Academy of Art for killing it in the National Addys. The department took home a gold and a silver. And then to our good friends who were able to snag a D&AD. Oh and then for the guys who also took a One Show pencil. The Advertising Department has come a long way in the short time I had been there, and has really turned into a contender with other schools.

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