And that’s game!

The previous post didn’t have a whole lot of time to cool off of the press. No sooner than that was posted, the results for the final round for Young Glory had just come in. (Okay, well to be fair it was about a day, but still).

So topping out with 121 points … us. (Less gloating after the image break)

ygSo yeah, there you go. We never did this to win it. It’s easier to sit here and spout off a cliché comment like that, but it’s true. In fact when I was explaining this to the rest of the team back in October, my big thing was that we just need to submit ideas before the deadlines. If we did that, bam, immediate 40 points.  Admittedly some of those submissions were minutes before the cut off. But that’s what we did for 8 months. Every Saturday, we headed in to the school, found a place to set up, and talked for about 4 – 5 hours every time. 2, 3, 4 cups of coffee, arguments, back-and-forth. It was hard work but a lot of fun. We got to do a lot of really cool stuff. I can speak for everyone when I say that I am glad we did this.

So thanks for the support. Thanks to Academy of Art University for letting us use their walls to think about some pretty abstract problems. Thank you to Jim Riswold who gave us the first real kick in the face we needed. Thanks to all the other judges, especially Eva Van Den Bulcke.

Now if you will excuse us, we are all going to go outside and get some(much needed) sun 🙂

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