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You, Sir (Richard Branson), are the man!

Nothing makes a Wednesday morning sparkle and shine like a big steaming cup of


Thank you Eva Van Den Bulcke at Sid Lee for making our day (and week and month and LIFE).

As the only winning team in the Student category for Young Glory’s 6th brief, we will be off to C2-MTL and be meeting Sir Richard Branson. Nothing makes hard work and sleepless nights worth it like external validation. Especially, external validation from some big people!

Check the results here:–student-results

You can check our work here:

Taboo to Change


War on Drugs?

The wonderful Eva Van Den  Bulcke over at Sid Lee threw down the gauntlet last month with a challenge to bring the War on Drugs to the discussion table.

As haters of war and lovers of drugs – yes, caffeine is a drug, we provide two executions to help start the discussion.

Our goal is not to end the War on Drugs. It’s to talk about it. Without all the rhetoric and hype.

Real people. Saying real things. Because insanity is doing the same thing, thinking it will bring different results.

Push for Change – one small change, repeated by many can make a big difference. Don’t “like” this. Push this. Then “like” it.

Taboo on Change – Walls often stop dialog. They divide. They get broken down. But we built a wall that starts and encourages dialog – to unite people. In real life and online.

If you are the Castro neighborhood in San Francisco, you can check it out on 18th Street Between Castro & Collingwood, across from the LGBT Museum.



Finalists – it’s just an honor to be considered

Yup we did it again. This time slightly less prestigious, but still worth mentioning!

bing afk

And while it didn’t get any awards, this is one of our favorite submissions. Because people “f*&^ing hate Bing.”

Addy’s Add Up

Congrats to two members of Insight & Execute for winning SEVERAL awards at the San Francisco Advertising Club’s Addy Awards Night!

Rahul Sawant & Tim O’Connell walked with:


Television – Single (S13A)
Peephole Magazine

Tim O’Connell, Art Director (Academy of Art University)


Elements of Advertising – Visual, Animation or Special Effects (S16-H)
Audius by KIIS FM
Tim O’Connell, Art Director (Academy of Art University)  

Rahul Sawant, Art Director (Academy of Art University)


Elements of Advertising – Visual, Logo (S16-A)
Tim O’Connell, Art Director  (Academy of Art University)  
Next stop:


(Totally a Glee moment there)

To see the results: Check out the GSFAD website.

BOOM! (aka That Happened)

That’s the sound of lighting striking twice.

Albeit, lighting doesn’t actually make a sound, but you get the idea.

For the second month in a row, we’ve been acknowledged for our work by Young Glory. Granted, it is second place, but our friends/competitors took first. Leave it to the Swedes to show everyone how much fun it is to pay taxes.

If you want to check out our winning campaign, click here.

If you don’t care but still want the satisfaction of clicking on something, click here.

You can’t win them all

So Round 1 of Young Glory results left us off the list (IE – we didn’t win anything) but we did see a group of classmates take the gold. Academy of Art University students Jesper & Daniel took gold for their “Use my Spot” campaign, think AirBnB for parking spots.

Our next submission is titled, “Fresh Fruit” and will be posted later today. I know you’re going to be excited about it. I am.

Crowd Sourcing

As Roger Muller at the Academy of Art says, “Friends, Family, and Fools” are the best source for a student to get help with their projects.

I’m going to add Potential Friends/Classmates/Future Fools to that list.

For November’s Young Glory Brief, Insight and Execute  is seeking your help.

Our request is simple:

-Shoot video or snap a shot of you or your friends or your family or your fools saying “Thank You”. And send it to us.

No need to look pretty. Shoot it from your phone. 5 seconds. Or 10 minutes. Depending on your level of tech savvy.


So easy I did it.

“Why?” you may ask. We are putting together a video for a proposed project that (in part) connects recipients and donors for disasters like Sandy and we want diverse images of people showing their appreciation for donations.

Deadline: November 25th

So I’m going to ask you, “Will you be my friend, family, or fool?”

Pretty please?

Email to: tim.murakami[AT]

Natural Disasters Suck

To be honest, all disasters suck. It’s kind of in the nature of disasters to do this.

While Insight and Execute is busy plugging away at our next project, we felt it important to let everyone affected by the disaster know, “Fuck dude. That sucks.”

But for real, we really do hope that everyone is alright (considering) and that life can slowly return to normal.

On a very small plus side, I hear that basement apartments in Manhattan are finally at almost affordable prices…

The Whole Glory (goes to the young)

Insight without execution is just dreaming.

Who cares if you thought of Instagram back in the late ’90’s? Did you do it? Nope. And if you did, chances are that you are now far too rich to be reading this blog.

We at IE are into dreaming (mostly because we love sleeping). But it’s important to turn  those dreams  into  reality. Meaning, get the fuck outta bed and do something.

And for Young Glory‘s first round, we did just that.


ExxonMobil Clear from Rahul Sawant on Vimeo.

To address our growing world’s traffic problems, we presented a simple solution: stop the 9-5 mentality. We’re not in our grandparents world anymore, so why should we still have to “walk uphill – both ways?”