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The previous post didn’t have a whole lot of time to cool off of the press. No sooner than that was posted, the results for the final round for Young Glory had just come in. (Okay, well to be fair it was about a day, but still).

So topping out with 121 points … us. (Less gloating after the image break)

ygSo yeah, there you go. We never did this to win it. It’s easier to sit here and spout off a cliché comment like that, but it’s true. In fact when I was explaining this to the rest of the team back in October, my big thing was that we just need to submit ideas before the deadlines. If we did that, bam, immediate 40 points.  Admittedly some of those submissions were minutes before the cut off. But that’s what we did for 8 months. Every Saturday, we headed in to the school, found a place to set up, and talked for about 4 – 5 hours every time. 2, 3, 4 cups of coffee, arguments, back-and-forth. It was hard work but a lot of fun. We got to do a lot of really cool stuff. I can speak for everyone when I say that I am glad we did this.

So thanks for the support. Thanks to Academy of Art University for letting us use their walls to think about some pretty abstract problems. Thank you to Jim Riswold who gave us the first real kick in the face we needed. Thanks to all the other judges, especially Eva Van Den Bulcke.

Now if you will excuse us, we are all going to go outside and get some(much needed) sun 🙂

Nothing left to do now but wait

We have done our part for Young Glory. At the beginning of this month, we as a team found that we had a “Helluvalot” more free time than we were used to. With School ending for three out of the four of us, and our final submission for Young Glory left the fate of SOAP, we have the carte blanche to do whatever. That being said, this page has (heh, once again) been a little neglected.

I am going to be making it a priority to tackle the issues with our page, namely listing out all of our submissions for this year’s competition season, so look for an update about all of that soon (there is quite a bit). Hope everyone is enjoying the sun. This is the first time we have seen it, in literally, eight months.

Mild shout out(s)– Nice job to the Academy of Art for killing it in the National Addys. The department took home a gold and a silver. And then to our good friends who were able to snag a D&AD. Oh and then for the guys who also took a One Show pencil. The Advertising Department has come a long way in the short time I had been there, and has really turned into a contender with other schools.

Please Stand-By …

Going to be working on a couple of changes tonight and tomorrow as I prep the site for a minor face lift + new logo treatment. I promise it will be a bit easier on the eyes than what we have know. That always seems to be the case huh? Everything you design looks pretty good, except for the place where you house the work. You know, a page that is all mangled, inconsistent, and nothing is ever updated? Yeah, that kind of situation. All good things on the way!

Young Glory April Submission – Won’t Love You Back

Won’t Love You Back


Singapore’s birthrate is the second lowest in the world. Yet its elderly population grows larger and larger, as medicine increases their lifespan. Great news personally. Bad news economically.



Highly educated, dedicated, and loyal, Singaporeans have built Singapore’s success their strong work ethic. Singaporeans have developed a new idea of family to include their friends and company. Many cite a preference for hanging out, working too much, and worries about reaching their professional potential as reasons why they put off starting a family.



Your Stuff Doesn’t Love You turns consumerism on its head by attacking advertising. Using commonly held beliefs about intrusive or transparent marketing messaging, the campaign pokes fun at our NEED to buy the newest and best constantly.





The posters beg the viewer to question their needs versus wants. To consider the actual needs of their family and their legacy.

“Will my new mobile phone be around when I retire? Will it carry on my family’s legacy after I pass? Will it bring a twinkle to my parent’s face when they see it?”



As Singapore’s consumer spending downtrends, Singaporeans have cited a lack of confidence in their financial future as reasons to hold back on purchases. The campaign drove home this idea as Singaporeans began to consider the future of their lives and the legacies they would leave behind. Because ultimately they knew that their stuff wouldn’t love them. No matter how much stuff they bought.

Young Glory January Submission – Ambient Wraps


The Problem

Taxes are a necessary evil for the world we live in. Everyone dislikes them, because the effects of taxes aren’t always obvious. This is especially true for the rich, who spend fortunes trying to avoid having to pay their share.


Our Solution

Develop an ambient campaign in high end metropolitan business areas. Then show those who do their best to avoid taxes (the rich), what the world around them would look like if they didn’t contribute their fair share.


Click the image to see our submission.



Young Glory December Submission – 9/12

The Problem:

Islam has a serious image problem in this country. Fix it.



When the Twin Towers fell on September 11th, we were shocked and saddened. On September 12th, we woke up angry; looking for someone to blame. Unfortunately for Islamic practitioners (especially those living in America), they ended up taking the brunt of the hatred and have been living with it ever since.



A poster campaign to counter balance the t-shirts, hats, and signs that all blame Islam for the cause of September 11th with Islamic individuals holding their own signs which blame hatred, bigotry and ignorance for the backlash they have received.


Young Glory December - 9/12

Young Glory December – 9/12 “Hatred”


Young Glory December - 9/12

Young Glory December – 9/12 “Bigotry”


Young Glory December - 9/12

Young Glory December – 9/12 “Ignorance”



-Insight & Execute

Young Glory December Submission – “The Eyes of Islam”

The Problem:

Islam has a serious image problem in this country. Fix it.



Those who practice the teachings Islam in America are just like other American’s. There is a distinct difference between the people who attacked America on September 11th, and those who are peacefully practicing Islam.



A poster campaign to show life through the eyes of those who are Islamic. The posters are cut out where the eyes are on the other side, inviting those who look through to see that those who practice Islam see the same world.

For those viewing the face on the other side, they can see a familiar set of eyes looking back at them. These are the eyes of people that they know, or live in the same city with. Not the eyes of terrorists, and not the eyes of people who should be hated.



Click the image to zoom in.



Click the image to zoom in.



Click the image to zoom in.


Ambient Examples:

ambient1 ….ambient2


ambient1b ….ambient2b



Young Glory November Brief

Fruit of the Loom: Fresh Fruit from Insight & Execute on Vimeo.

Fruit of the Loom ‘Fresh Fruit’

Fruit of the Loom addresses the unexpected basics; the needs that are barely talked about in the wake of natural disasters. People need more than just food and a blanket. They need to feel human by the little things that we take for granted.


Client: Fruit of the Loom
Concept by: Dudley Duberry, Rahul Sawant, Tim Murakami, Tim O’Connell
Art Direction: Tim O’Connell & Rahul Sawant
Copywriting: Tim Murakami
Creative Strategy: Dudley Duberry
School: Academy of Art University, San Francisco



Following in the wake of catastrophic disasters, simple things in life
can make a big difference. The basics we once took for granted,
suddenly become essential. While donations help those in desperate
need of assistance, items like underwear and socks often get
overlooked. This is why Fruit of the Loom started: ‘Fresh Fruit.’

While jeans and t-shirts get worn for days at a time, a pair of clean
socks and underwear allow those affected to feel fresh again. ‘Fresh
Fruit’ provides these essentials and connects donors directly to those
in need. provides a portal to connect those looking to help with
those in need. Priced at wholesale rates, people can quickly see how
much ‘Fresh Fruit’ they will be providing, and write words of
encouragement to the families in need.

Working in hand with existing relief efforts, we set up “pop-up shops”
in affected regions, allowing volunteers and victims to pick up ‘Fresh
Fruit’ along with their water, food, and other supplies. By joining
these efforts, people know that their basic needs can be met in one
Every package of ‘Fresh Fruit’ provides a weeks worth of fresh
undergarments, messages of encouragement and reminders that we all

Using social media tools, donations spread virally and allow
recipients a chance to say, post, and tweet, “Thank you.”

Through our unified efforts, donors know they can help more through
‘Fresh Fruit’ than they could alone. Uniting donors and recipients to
show the real impact that even small donations can bring. Fresh Fruit.
Supporting communities in wake of the unexpected.


Insight and Execute. While our initials maybe confused with Internet Explorer, we are NOT your grandma’s clunky browser (Okay, IE9 is pretty good).

We’re an ad team.

But first and foremost, we’re smart asses.

Dudley Duberry(aka Double D) – Account Planner. Creative Strategist. Lover of sweets. Dudley provides the backbone, the foundation, the insight into our creative work. He’s like a Ted Talk. Only smarter.

Tim Murakami (aka Sensual Tim/Asian Tim) – Copywriter. Blogger. All around good guy. Asian Tim translates the ideas into words that build the framework for projects.

Rahul Sawant (aka The Stache) – Art Director. Visual Artist. Master of games. Rahul is as adept at Creative Suite as he is at first-person shooters. IE – He kills it.

Tim O’Connell (aka Irish/Mexican Tim) – Art Director. After Effects ninja. Boyfriend. Irish Tim throws down art like shots of whiskey. That is, of course, when he isn’t putting in “girlfriend time.”